Conflicts in the public sphere: Approaches to quantitative content analysis of media texts

Co-taught with Swen Hutter


The research placement focuses on different approaches to quantitative content analysis and their use in understanding the transformation of protest and electoral politics in Europe. The research placement makes both a methodological and a substantive contribution. From a methodological per-spective, the students will learn to read, understand and interpret the results of scientific research utilizing protest event, core sentence, and contentious episode analysis. The students will also learn to apply at least one of these approaches in their own research. From a substantive perspective, the course focuses on the transformation of political conflict in contemporary European societies. The students can choose their topics of interest related to these major transformations, but need to apply one of the three types of quantitative content analysis listed above. The participants need to have good knowledge of at least one statistical program.

The seminar was held during the winter semester 2019/2020.

The syllabus is available on request.